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Our Investment Approach, the Epitome of Simplicity

About Inner Circle Investments

We are a veteran team of hospitality industry professionals that bring together all the elements of success into one cohesive group, totally focused on profitability. As experts in all phases of the investment cycle, we are truly unique in both approach and results.

Our Philosophy

We focus on the fundamentals, understanding that investing is about finding the balance between risk and reward. We place a premium on protecting and preserving our capital by underwriting each asset using an intensive risk-reward analysis.

Our Strategy

We acquire undervalued and distressed hospitality assets at deep discounts to replacement cost; often as little as 20 cents on the dollar. Operate efficiently to generate cash flow and create added value. This formula has proven successful for 160 flagged and independent hotel properties valued at over $3.0 billion.

Why Hospitality?

Inner Circle is focused on acquiring under-performing properties in nonetheless strong and improving markets. These properties are generally expected to generate return on equity of at least 20 percent — and often closer to 25 percent — and they have a shorter-term investment horizon of three to five years, with clearly defined exit strategies

Why Real Estate?

The quintessential Wealth Builder…

Real Estate is the best investment in the world because it is the only thing they’re not making any more ~ Will Rogers

So what makes real estate such a lucrative wealth building tool?

Why Inner Circle?

We are seasoned hospitality owner-operators who understand and apply proven, well designed, and highly effective methods in a hands-on approach that makes the bottom line our top priority.